Business 101 reflection on general class, need asap


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Business 101 reflection on general class, need asap
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Introduction to Business (100) – Reflection Paper Rubric

Your reflection paper is an essay that will present your reactions to and analysis of what you have learned this semester. The paper will demonstrate your overall knowledge of and thoughts on the topics covered during the semester. It must be presented in a formal and organized manner. Your paper will be a formal essay, written in a Word document, using APA (or MLA) format, 1200 – 1500 words, and 12 pt. font (Times or similar).

Save your document as a Word document and attach it to an email.

The essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Ø Introduction: describe your expectations before taking the course, reading the chapters, completing the assignments, etc. 

Ø Body: Give your informed opinion about the learning experience and reading material. Provide specific details that relate to the material. Include any changes in your abilities, knowledge, perceptions that occurred because of the course.

Ø Conclusion: Provide a summary of what you have learned from the course. 













Information   is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs and in APA (or MLA)   format. Information relates to course   material.

Word   document

Information   is organized with well-constructed paragraphs and information relates to course material. 

Information   is organized but paragraphs are not well constructed and/or information does   not relate to course material.

The   information appears to be disorganized and only slightly relates to course   material.

Information   is not only disorganized but does not relate to course material.


Communication of Ideas


Explores course   topics showing thorough comprehension; goes beyond the obvious

Shows some   depth and complexity of thought

Insufficient   demonstration of comprehension of course material

Lacks   focus, simplistic, or fails to communicate ideas

Disorganized,   illogical, unfocused



(20 %)

No   grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors

Almost no   grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors

A few   grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors

Many grammatical,   spelling, or punctuation errors

Serious and persistent errors in word choice, mechanics,   usage, and sentence structure 


Paper Length and Sources


Essay   meets required (1200-1500 words) and includes at least 3 references, not   including the textbook.

Essay word count and/or references are below   requirement

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