Business analysis of coca-cola company. 

 The organizational vision is considered as a framework that determines and controls the business towards the realization of objectives. The Coca-Cola’s vision statement that reads “to be the best beverage sales and customer Service Company embraces people, portfolio, partners and the planet”, is aimed at achieving sustainability in anticipation of quality growth in the near future. Through the organizational mission, the company has been able to draw much attention that aims at making a difference to society. As such, the organization focuses on strategic priorities thus sustaining long term delivery and consistent profit margin (Lussier, 2012). Ultimately, the company recognizes that it can only improve on the organizational value by building a mutual relationship to stakeholders. Therefore, it listens and takes action that meets the demands of each and every stakeholder. Through engagement such as brand collaboration, international appointments, and human rights conferences, the organization has created an image of inclusion and service to the community. Through the above strategy, the organization has gained more opportunity to outdo the rivals in the market by pooling together its resources.

The introduction of five potter’s model offers a good framework for the organizational analysis towards the realization of objectives in a competitive market environment (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2012). While three parts of potters models concern rivalry effects that are felt from the outside, all parts of the model offer a considerable impact on the company thus&nbsp.Coca-Cola Company is not exclusive. An illustration of the effects of potter’s five forces model to the Coca-Cola Company is as shown.

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Business analysis of coca-cola company. 
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A soft drink organization that is venturing into the market for the first time requires a lot of money in sensitizing the customer about the presence of new products.&nbsp.

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