Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Ensuring that a student maintains employability is a fundamental concern for undergraduates that will be seeking employment opportunities post-graduation. Employability, in the contemporary business environment, entails having positive communications skills, the ability to communicate within a business context, and being able to apply communications effectively to gain advantages and respect in the business environment. Archer and Davison (2008) assert that 30 percent of today’s employers are finding problems with student graduates involving fundamental communications skills and ability to function in team environments. In many organisations, there is a need for establishment of knowledge management practices, which involves capturing information, sharing this knowledge between disparate experts within an organisation, and utilising knowledge effectively to improve business efficiency and competitive advantage (Nonaka and von Krogh 2009. Maier 2007).

To maintain employability skills, students must understand a variety of communications strategies that can be applied to team environments where collaboration is an expectation of business activity. This report identifies effective communications strategies, both generic and business-related, that assist in ensuring employability. The report, based on research findings, recommends a variety of strategies for current undergraduate students to develop effective business communications skills whilst attending to important academic study.

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Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates.
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Conflict occurs in both social and professional environments and it requires positive communications skills to reduce disagreement and argument. It is common for many disparate individuals in both business and in social environments to be resistant to change, which leads to irrational responses in an effort to oppose changes that do not agree with personal values, beliefs and expectations (Ford, Ford and D’Amelio 2008).

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