Business ethics in an organisation: nike company.

 For organizations particularly multinational companies, recruiting the apt workers is not the end of the task, they have to recruit employees from diverse backgrounds in their home operations and importantly in their foreign operations. That is, it is necessary that the management must ensure constant availability of a sufficient number of efficient employees importantly from diverse backgrounds, for the efficient functioning of the organization and importantly to fulfill ethics. This is what Nike is trying to do through its Diversity program.

Nike Corporation is the world’s leading supplier and or manufacturer of sports equipment, athletic shoes, and apparels. It was formed in 1964, and by 1980, it already had more than 50% market share in the United States. Currently, Nike has over five hundred factory or office locations in around 45 countries all over the world, the majority of these are in Asia. With such extensive locations, Nike, an American corporation has a sizeable percentage of employees from diverse groups. “More than 30000 employees on six continents • Relies on approximately 700 contract factories, employing some 800,000 workers, in 52 countries to make Nike products.” (Severn, 2008). As part of a positive image-building exercise, it planned to increase that percentage to recognizable levels. So, in 2005, it actualized that plan by adopting the diversity program in its recruitment process. “Nike set out on a five-year journey to make the company an Employer of Choice. We said diversity could be a competitive advantage. Our commitment to diversity is an integral part of Nike’s identity as a company” ( At the European headquarters at London, Nike currently employs over 70 different nationalities. Nike also works closely with Stonewall, Britain’s leading gay equality organization, and other members of the program, to improve the working environment for our lesbian, gay and bisexual employees ( So, Nike took a ‘proactive’ stance in relation to ethical responsibility, meaning they took the responsibility to act ethically.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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 Business ethics in an organisation: nike company.
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