Business Plan for Setting Kentucky Fastfood Center Franchise.

To gain a competitive advantage, the company will focus on expanding its business and increase its market share. The use of renewable resources will also differentiate the business to some extent. The majority of competitors tend to use plastic materials for their packaging. KFC will use edible coffee cups which will generate less waste and will confirm to be environment healthy (Tsai, Shih, and Chen, 2007). It will develop new food products with great taste and value and also at the same time maintain health standards which will satisfy the expectations of the health concerned people too (Sivadas and Baker-Prewitt, 2000). The price of the new products will be reasonable and competitive with other neighboring restaurants offering chicken menu. Also by offering unique introductory discounts, the new franchise will be able to gain large customer attraction. Variety in their healthy food choices, free home delivery and introducing a new selling concept such as having buffet-style where the customers get the option to choose the food from the shelves and make orders are brilliant strategies to achieve protection from competitors (Alon, 2001).

KFC will focus on how its target consumers accept and like it’s newly launched products. As the franchise of the company will be set up in a posh area it will target the upper and middle classes (Qin, Prybutok and Zhao, 2010). There is a variety in their new product range, serving to be an important advantage of the products. Their products are as per the quality standards and derived from sustainable resources. The packaging of the products will be done in an environment-friendly way to come through the competitive market. Moreover, a wide range of new healthy food options will help them to gain a competitive advantage as most fast-food chains offer food containing a lot of calories and oil which is unhealthy for people.

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Business Plan for Setting Kentucky Fastfood Center Franchise.
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For analysis of future growth and acceptability of the products by the local residents, a questionnaire was set up and according to that, the analysis was done.

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