Business strategy/ discussion board.

My name is Abeer Bajaber, from Riyadh, Saudi, Arabia and I am applying for admission in a Masters in Business Administration Program. I have sent my application to several universities already. I believe I am fully qualified to enroll in this course because I have just finished an undergraduate course in Business Administration, with major in International Business at Lynn University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2) Any work experience you have had or currently have?

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Business strategy/ discussion board.
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I have my two months internship at Brazeila Med Spa in Boca Raton, Fla. From March to May 2014. I was assigned in Finance and Insurance Dept. and in the reception. My work exposed me in business transactions and meeting people and have inspired me to look at the wide opportunities in the business world if only I could expand my knowledge through further studies.

3) This is required course, however please indicate what you would LIKE TO LEARN from this course and what things that you could get out of this course that would MOST help you as you transition or progress into the business world.

As the trend in globalization is more likely to continue in the future, getting an MBA would prepare me on the aspects of management which could be applied in global business management such as practical knowledge in Accounting, Business Planning, Marketing and Advertising, Personnel Management, Capital Investment and Finance.

An MBA will heighten my career and boost up my knowledge

As I get out of this course, benefits are plenty. One is the chance to earn more money as you advance your career. Second is the opportunity to meet people who are also business-oriented, creative, ambitious and intelligent. They can be your source of future contacts for customers, suppliers, jobs, or people who could help you in the future.

4) What are 3-4 of your biggest strengths? 3-4 of your biggest weaknesses?

My biggest strengths that would help me to succeed are my being determined, organized and responsible. I am determined to put all my resources and energies in finishing this course. I am an organized person as I set my priorities according to importance so everything is accomplished as planned. When chosen as a leader, I take responsibility for completion of goals in a manner that pleases my team mates. My biggest weaknesses are lack of interpersonal skills, language barriers and my diversity. Having been raised in Saudi, I have cultural differences that are often misunderstood. I have different Muslim practices such as food preferences, religious practices, and even in lifestyle. My language comes as a barrier, because I couldn’t express myself clearly in English, and last is the lack of interpersonal skills needed to interact with people.

5) Your plans after graduation from Lynn. Given your skills and interests, what do you think will be a good opportunity for you as an employee or manager or owner in the employment or business world that matches up what your skills are with what the market will pay money for

I have 3 options after graduation from Lynn:

a. I will pursue an MBA from any of the universities I have applied for. This will take me another two years of study, but the reward is high.

b. My business opportunity is to work in a lower level position. An undergraduate course of International Business does not qualify me for a higher position of a manager. Pay difference is also great. An upper middle income salary range for an executive is from $50,000 to $80,000, while a Business Development Executive with an MBA salary is $140,000.(, 2014)

c. To be a self-employed employee, and start a business of my own. I have not determined yet computations as to profitability of setting my own business, but looking at the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, chances of business are good.

w.c. 527

Reference Business Development Manager Salaries. 2014. Web. 22 May 2014.

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