Business-Supply Chain.

 These are competitive times. While the petrochemicals sector may not be that much competitive, the electronics industry has a numerous players with similar product profile. Therefore, the company needs to focus its attention on the businesses in such a manner that both segments get due attention. In fact of late, due to the recessionary trends, the petrochemical business too has come under pressure and efficiency has become an important yardstick for survival in the industry. Therefore in order to be successful in the industry the company will have to resolve some of the issues, which appear to be not in line with the professional standards. Some such issues include.

i. The Nebraska facility is not able to deliver quality products and services. David A Garvin (1984) suggests that there are 7 dimensions of quality which are performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability and aesthetics. But in case of Canbide couple of these dimensions require due attention.

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b. Customers, who need to pick up multiple products, are made to around the 2km by 1km facility, which leads to undue harassment of the customer and a bad image for the company. In addition when customer keep frequenting inside the production facility, this is bound to lead to further delays in the production schedule and meeting the targets. Hauser and Katz (1998) point out that mere investment in new technology doesn’t guarantee success. Such an investment need to be matched with value creation for the stakeholders for survival and success. In this case, the stakeholders like customers and employees are not in best position to feel comfortable with the arrangement being made within the company premises.

v. The copier rehab facility near Charleston, SC receives “trade-in” copiers from distributors across the country and restores them to “good as new” condition.

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