Camel racing and beauty.

These animals have been referred to as the ships of the desert, they have an irrefutable place of importance in the annals of the UAE history, and in fact, a camel fossil drawing estimated to be more than seven thousand was found on an island near Abu Dhabi. Nonetheless, writers have been quick to point out that the present camel racing tradition differs from the past, as the present traditional racing have been marked by a very fast form of camel racing, yet in the past camel racing was only practiced during weddings and special festivals. The beauty of camel training is that a camel must be trained for very many years for them to maintain an ungainly pace for a competition. At full speed, the legs of the camel kick in all manner of directions, a funny way of leaping that is very common for the animal.

Sports are an important part of human interaction through ages, and it has formed one of the best forms of bonding. Sports have grown in leaps and bounds over the years to occupy the highest echelon in the society. Currently superstars in sports such as racing, football, basketball and others receive some of the highest income in the society. For instance, the amount top football players earn in Europe per week is more than the amount that the amount leaders of nations earn inform of income per month, and this means that Lionel Messi, the diminutive Argentine football great who plies his trade in Barcelona, Spain earns more than Obama per month. Similarly, sport occupies a very important place in the UAE, and in this region, big money sponsorships and top of the end events occur in every occasion from that range from football, cricket, golf, f1, and amongst others. However, unlike other types of sports, camel racing is very much a part of the Arabia culture without undue external influence that is common in other sports.

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