Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified

The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The above suggestions could possibly help towards the limitation of violent conflicts in countries worldwide. however this outcome could not be regarded as guaranteed. the appearance and the development of violent conflicts in states internationally cannot be eliminated. it could only be appropriately controlled ensuring that no case of risk for the public safety will occur – a target that can be characterized as quite challenging especially if taking into account the post-September 11th events.

The expansion of terrorism worldwide cannot be doubted. Through the years, the measures taken by governments for the limitation of the phenomenon are proved to be inadequate. In accordance with Fleming (1998, 27) ‘an ever-increasing reality in the world today is the threat of terrorism. the significance of the threat cannot be overstated because terrorism transcends both geographic and demographic boundaries. no community or organization is immune from acts of terrorism’. Various other views have been stated in the literature regarding the reasons for the appearance and the development of terrorism worldwide. it seems that terrorism is related to specific political options that are contradicted with the interests of particular groups of people – or in some cases with the interests of nations. It should be noticed that in practice terrorist attacks are divided into five major categories: ‘(1) biological, (2) chemical, (3) explosive, (4) incendiary, and (5) nuclear. while most terroristic events involve one of these, the use of multiple types of terrorism against a target cannot be ruled out’ (Fleming, 1998, 27).&nbsp.Regarding the potential differentiation of terrorism from other forms of violent conflict, it could be stated that in practice it is rather difficult to distinguish between terrorism and other forms of violent conflict.&nbsp.

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 Can Terrorism Ever Be Justified
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