Case Studies and Ethnography.

Case Studies and Ethnography. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Case Studies and Ethnography Case Studies and Ethnography ARTICLE ANALYSIS WORKSHEET Use this worksheet to better understand the articles you review.

APA Reference of Article or source: Author last name, initials of first and middle names (if provided), (year of publication). Source, (volume), issue, pages

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Case Studies and Ethnography.
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Hopson, R. &Dixson, A. (2011). Intersections, theories, and meanings of race, racism, and educational ethnography. Ethnography and Education 6 (1), 1-7.

The research problem is to assess the relationship between race and its impact on education. Secondly, the article aims at evaluating the role of race in education by assessing the history of education and the changes that have taken place presently (Hopson &Dixson, 2011).The findings will, therefore, be applied in the education setting presently. Ethnography will help provide a deeper insight on the various responses to the racism question in different settings.

The previous research that has been done on this topic has found that race has impacted education as seen from the research conducted in Italy, Scandinavia and USA. The race factor has played a major role in the policies set and the practices adopted in the education sectors of the selected countries. With the immigrant populations increasing especially the Blacks, as crisis has developed as seen in the ethnography research (Hopson &Dixson, 2011).

The research question is to what level does the complex nature of race intersection and theories impact on schooling and education?

How many participants were in the study? 3

How were the participants chosen/recruited? Purposively. The USA, Italy and Scandinavia have been said to have unique characteristics as it has an interesting way of marginalizing and repressing its learners who are immigrants especially the minorities (Hopson &Dixson, 2011).

Were the participants separated into groups?


How did the researcher collect data from the participants?

Behavioral Observations (qualitative and quantitative)

Archival data from records (educational, medical, census, etc.) (quantitative)

How did the researcher prepare the data to be analyzed? (Check all that apply)

Providing a rich description of observed behaviors (qualitative)

Tabulating and summarizing behaviors observed. (quantitative)

How did the researcher analyze the data?

Determined meaning of observed behaviors (qualitative)

The results of the study were in line with the objectives stated. The research question was well answered. The authors bring a clear picture of the implications of race on education.

Implications of this research lead to a deeper engagement in ethnographic research in an attempt to evaluate the complex nature of the intersections of race, theories, and their implications in the general education sector (Hopson &Dixson, 2011). In the real sense, it is vital to note that race issues play a major part in the education sector. Its place cannot be ignored.

Future research should be focused on assessing the changing nature of racism in the education sector so as to understand the contemporary trends. The authors put it as post racism in education (Hopson &Dixson, 2011). This point of study would allow for an easy understanding of the issue as well as the most applicable solution to racism in education.


Hopson, R. &Dixson, A. (2011). Intersections, theories, and meanings of race, racism, and educational ethnography. Ethnography and Education 6 (1), 1-7.

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