Case study 

 Case Study Case Study The COBIT Maturity Model can be defined as an IT control tool for evaluating how well developed the management practices are with regards to internal controls (Hardy, 2002). It provides means for an organization to rank itself on a scale of nonexistent, 0, to optimized, 5. This capability can be use by auditors to aid management apply effective responsibility over the use of IT. This paper will comment on the impact of buyer-seller relationship on the evaluation of organizational needs.

The buyer needs to identify the product then shortlist various vendors. Having a relationship between the vendor and buyer presents an opportunity to the buyer to have a close understanding of the vendor’s position in the market (Hardy, 2002). The buyer gets to know the vendor’s strong selling points and how satisfied other consumers are. This, in turn, builds their confidence and bargaining levels. The buying team negotiates for a product with proven functionality that is ultimately worth their investment.

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 Case study 
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Another impact an effective relationship between a buyer and seller has is simplifying the buying task for the buyer (Bunn, 1993). A customer’s buying activities depends on his experience with a certain product class, the information sought and time taken to reach the decision (Robinson et al, 1967). Hence, categorizing the organizational buying tasks is significant to the buyer-seller relationship. It can, therefore, be easily determined if the organization is making a new purchase, which can be classified as a “new task”, or it is a repeat purchase (Bunn, 1993). A new task will require the seller to provide more information, but a repeat purchase will not need to go through all the evaluation processes, thus saving the seller time and money spent on procedures and decision making.


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