Case Study: Flyrock Tires. Case Study: Flyrock Tires


Flyrock Tires is a tire manufacturer is the USA. It has 5 tire manufacturing facilities and 20 others where components that are used in the tire manufacturing process are made. Recently, the company has decided to redesign their quality control process. due to the fact that some of its competitors have been producing tires with defects. Thus, Susan Douglas, the VC, plans to implement the six sigma program in a bid to improve the quality of tires.

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Case Study: Flyrock Tires. Case Study: Flyrock Tires
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The major component needed for the process of tire manufacturing is rubber. The rubber is mixed with some chemicals and ingredients. Blades broke the raw rubber down and mixed it with chemicals. the mixture is then rolled by a milling machine, where it refined more. The process of building a tire tends to accumulate errors, and the errors are propagated into the next stage. If the allowed error per step was 1%, at the end of production, 1880 tires out of 1000 would be faulty.

Another issue affecting the quality of the produced tires was the setting on the machines, which tend to wear over time. The machines would thus produce defective tires even when the settings were accurate. The statistical process control program was thus implemented by Douglas. The current settings produced tires of a mean thickness of 400 inch plus a standard deviation of 10 thou. However, with the SPC, Douglas could reduce the mean deviation to just 4 thou, hence ensuring more accuracy.


From the case-study, it is apparent that by implementing the six sigma program, the company will greatly streamline their quality control process. The chances of errors would be minimized and in some areas, totally eliminated. A reduction or total elimination of in error will see the company’s customers satisfied and the company will avoid the same fate that their competitors had.

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