Case Study I COnsent, Safety, and Firefighter Culture.

I COnsent, Safety, and Firefighter Culture. (p. 40) As such, “they offer a secondary, reconstructed set of meanings rather than the primary ‘life world’ ones” ((p. 40). Deetz was emphasizing the effects of developed specialized institutions eroding functions of the family and the community in structuring one’s needs in life. The implications on this statement are: (1) being aware that corporations have different goals from personal goals, one should be recognize that strengthening personal aspirations would enhance the preservation of traditional family values and encourage community ties. (2) one should recognize that corporations exist to partially fulfill personal goals and should be not completely construed as the sole provider of one’s personal needs. and (3) the family remains the basic unit of community and should not be replaced by the corporation where one has recent ties.

Question 2: Critical theorists claim that in order to discover the deep structures of power in the organization, an individual must look at the influences of the economy, politics, and social systems as forces that shape the organizational culture. Why is this important and what modes of thinking should be adopted by the critical researcher?

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Case Study I COnsent, Safety, and Firefighter Culture.
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A critical researcher utilizes thought processes to evaluate information and appropriately applies conclusions to guide decision-making processes. The framework applied by a critical researcher is associated with modes of accuracy, logic, depth, fairness, credibility and intellectual clarity.

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