Case Study Leadership

. A leader has the responsibility to converse, confer and also influence others to do things. A leader also has to be a role model for others to follow. A leader has to create a benchmark in order to inspire others to follow the footsteps and try and achieve the desired success. The leader also can be a guiding factor or mentor for the entire team to guide them towards a successful outcome which will benefit not only the leader but also the entire organization. The leader has to organize and collaboration and bring together other people in such a way that the goals of the organization are achieved in the best possible way.

In the case of Performance Management in Policing, there has been a change in the performance management system as the desired police station was being operated by a centralized performance management system. Inspector Lonsdale is the district officer who is expected to provide the performance report of her district to commissioner twice in a year. The main problem as identified in this case study with regards to leadership is that the officers who are within the Lonsdale’s district have a doubt regarding the new performance system. They have a feeling that the new system is a conjure idea of senior management. This is a problem because officers are not finding the new performance management system as fruitful. They think that it won’t have any serious impact on the success of the organization.

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Case Study Leadership
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In the case of Performance Management in Corrections, Gary Hart leads a team of correctional officers. The main problem identified in this case is with regards to performance management. The leader of the team Gary finds that one of his team members has been engaging himself in poor work performances. This is a problem because such poor performance will influence others if proper measures are not taken by the management.

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