Case study on United Parcel Service.

 After achieving success with this venture, Jim Casey merged with Evert McCabe’s Motorcycle Messengers. Then as a step towards creating a unique brand, in 1919, the company expanded beyond Seattle and changed their name to United Parcel Service, and then onwards it has been an upward progress. “From its humble beginnings, UPS has grown into a global giant” (Deresky, 2006, 342)

According to the Insiders as well as the industrial circles, UPS’s corporate culture is always on the fast edge of the hard-working culture to compliment it. Even though the job at UPS involves routine tasks, out of the ordinary things tend to happen and the corporate culture of UPS has inbuilt mechanisms to encourage decision-making and feedbacks to solve those things.

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Case study on United Parcel Service.
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UPSs e-commerce initiative has developed into a full-fledged one with specific a website ( for operations. It features a fully functional online store with UPS’s e-business tools to guide potential customers. The other initiatives of UPS in e-commerce sector are Usenet, eVentures etc.

Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is the term given to denote the virtual marketplace where buying, selling and transactions involving goods, services etc takes place with the Internet as the base. Most major corporations have got themselves involved in this sector as the potential of e-commerce is growing every day with the ever-expanding Internet and information technology. The advantage is, it provides an easy and secure way for customers to effect transactions. It shrinks the physical distances and gives a wider choice to make about products and services. It also gives the feature of fast transactions, where every business can be done in seconds.

UPS like the other majors joined the bandwagon of e-commerce, patronizing it fully. That is, with the spread of the Internet in the decade of 90’s, UPS saw the prospects and created a separate department for it in 1996.

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