Causes of Prejudice in Social Relationship

Many sociological scholars have mainly tended to focus their research works and studies on the latter. Very many few people tend to use the term prejudice and ethnocentrism interchangeably. Despite the fact that a very thin line can be used to distinguish the two instances, they will always remain to be different. Ethnocentrism is the ethnic subdivisions and distinctions that functions to define each distinct cultural identity. It entails judging other groups culture relative to the standards and values of one’s particular culture. Both prejudice and ethnocentrism have been seen causing tumultuous social relationships in the daily events especially between the dominant and the minority groups.

Causes of prejudice is a well-documented book by one of the famously known sociological authors named Vincent N. Parrilo. In his book, Parrilo tries to analyze several a number of theories that tries to explain the motives and factors for a prejudiced behavior. These motives behind racial prejudice have been pillars for the creation of racial categories in both the current and the past human societies.

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Causes of Prejudice in Social Relationship
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The second article by C.P Ellis sounds likes autobiography. He vividly recalls many mishaps in his life that formed the basis of his prejudiced personality. This was mainly because of self-justification. The many difficulties he encountered in his life anchored with peer influence made him develop a strong sense of prejudice, especially to African Americans. However, this ended after he came back to his senses and realized that no race is better than the other is.

Malcolm X. the author mainly focuses on how our own personalities influences levels of prejudice have written the third article entitled learning to read. His great interest to develop learning skills as an inmate, made him rise to be one of the greatest historians of all times. His unique personality made him an all-round individual with no racial bias to all groups in society and motivates him to enhance the same.

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