Celebrity study.

Celebrities are characterised by fame, influence and in some cases financial success (Weber, 2014: 100). Inspiration personalities have huge audiences and it is the strategic reason businesses that seek to promote their brands have in the recent past involved them in advertisements. People understandably pay much attention on what celebrities do both fans and haters. As a matter of fact, music, from time immemorial, has been an essential part of human life. Artists who consistently produced high-quality music that attracted a wide audience in the society have gone down in history not only as celebrities but as ‘stars’ and legends. Evidently, Michael Jackson was a music legend whose life was a blessing to many people. This paper seeks to evaluate Michael Jackson as a celebrity and as a case study and comprehensively explore various social elements with regard to his life and contributions while counter-comparing this with theoretical frameworks to come up with an argument supported by practical examples.

Michael Jackson is a name that most people can recognise, whether young or old. Similarly, both men and women identify MJ as he is popularly known for his exhaustively lived 50 years. He was born in August 1958 and died 50 years later in June, 2009. He is famous for his influence in the pop music and dancing styles that have since been embraced. Michael Jackson climbed to become an international figure due to his dedicated work in the music industry. He had an enormous contribution in the arena of music and dance that made the world recognise him sincerely. Apparently, Jackson was born in a family that had a thing with music as he had several siblings sing along with him in what was known as Jackson 5. He did his career music in the year 1964 and about four decades late, the name Michael Jackson was known in every cranny of the society. He became an epitome of pop music.

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