Celestial Seasoning in Romania.

We are interested in the task of re-aligning the business operation to the strategic objectives of the company. We have listed the activities that we are going to be involved in. First, our company will be restructuring the internal operation strategy for Celestial Seasoning, taking into consideration the effects that the new global business enterprise in Singapore will have on the current internal operation strategies of Celestial Seasoning, Romania. Secondly, our company will make use of the existing and the past historical profile of Celestial Seasoning to implement them in optimizing the new global business venture. This optimization will enable your company to have specific and realistic strategic business objectives. Therefore, we would like to inform the Chief executive Officer of the specific procedure that needs to be followed in the implementation of the company’s internal structure and control, to ensure that the international business enterprise succeeds.

We wish to address certain critical issues in relation to international venture, which has a direct impact on the performance of Celestial Seasoning. We have decided to categorize the issues into two groups: The Country issues and the Company issues.

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Celestial Seasoning Can begin with smaller quantities of Stock, with the plan to increase the stock later on depending on the costs incurred in the process of conducting international trade across the region including import duties and customs duties.

There will be a need for the company to procure an effective web-based management information System with an integrated portal from which all employees can post and access vital information and electronic resources (Katsioloudes & Hadjidakis 62).

Our purpose is to inform the CEO and the board of directors on the detailed procedure to follow as the company ventures into the global arena of international&nbsp.trading, specifically importing commercial products from Singapore and selling locally, regionally and globally.

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