Chemistry Paper.

Chemistry Paper. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Chemistry al Affiliation) Nuclear Test Ban The article talks about the formation of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty that imposed a ban for nuclear tests across the world. This was after a series of nuclear tests that lead to environmental pollution and even death. This ban ensured that there is proper handling of chemicals to reduce their exposure to the environment.

The comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty was formed in September of 1996 when the states came together to ban the explosives that were mostly used as tests for nuclear explosives to environment. The first explosive to be tested was by the United States and was 1940s. The treaty had over 300 stations that were used as sniffers of the radionuclides. It also had the ability to listen to the lowest frequencies, and had the ability to record the tremors. The main purpose of this treaty was to exercise the chemistry principle that went be the terms safer chemistry for accident prevention.

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The main reason for this concept or principle was to exercise all activities that were environment friendly. The establishment of this treaty led to more emphasis on environment consciousness by all countries including the super powers like the United States. The international monetary system supports the CTBT process with over 1 billion dollars’ worth of funds. The funding has ensured that the treaty is implemented successfully, which is attributable to the reduction of activities involving testing of explosives.

The plan was set up that would enable institutions and some individuals to work with CTBT was a good step as this will enable them to learn more from each other hence making sure the environment friendly activities are exercised fully. Most of these institutions handle chemical substances. Working with CTBT will ensure proper use and exposure of these chemicals.


Clery, D. (2015). Plundering a nuclear test ban treasure-trove. Retrieved 23 June 2015, from http://news.sciencemag.

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