Children Toys and Gender-specificity.

I will pay for the following article Children Toys and Gender-specificity. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The kitchen set, by using certain social practices that are considered feminine, seeks to condition the girl child into accepting feminine roles on her way to taking up the roles of the wife and the mother. The toy also, through the strategic use of colors and language, excludes the male child from participating in affairs that are forbidden to men in similar societies. Both boys and girls are thus, victims of gender politics of this kind.

Gender behavior refers to the practices that one engages in and the roles that one takes up as a result of constraints that are imposed on people of a particular sex. For instance, a boy playing with a kitchen set would not be considered acceptable in most patriarchal societies as that would be against certain norms of gender behavior. In order to ensure conformity, children are nurtured to accept their gender roles. Thus, a girl would be told that playing with a kitchen set is natural for her to the extent that she believes it. Nurture thus forces a child to believe that cultural constructs of gender are natural rather than the effects of nurture.

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Children Toys and Gender-specificity.
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Roland Barthes in his influential essay, “Toys”, argues that toys in French society define children as miniature versions of adults. He argues that toys are expected to not only provide children with entertainment, they are also tools employed for educational purposes by a conformist society. He argues that most of the toys that are given to children can be classified as user toys, that is, toys that let children use definitions that have already been created. In short, such toys would not let the child create anything new. In the case of a kitchen set, the child who is expected to play with it already has a narrative that she is expected to play out- the role of the wife and the&nbsp.mother. The toy does not give the child the freedom to create a story herself but gives her one that she would have to abide by.&nbsp.

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