Civil war

According to the standard classification there are two main sectors of economy. The first one is responsible for the production of goods (agriculture, sand mining and so forth). The second one deals with the manufactured products from the first sector. The process of industrialization takes place when the second sector dominates the first one leading to the reorganization of the whole process. In this work the process of industrialization is shown on the basis of history of the USA and its rapid growth after the Civil War.

“At the stage of history, however, there are major differences in the way industrializing societies are organized. and these differences add both variety and conflict to the world scene. Many of these differences can be explained by the character of the industrializing elite who are in charge from one country to another – who they are, what goals they seek, what strategies they follow and how they approach labor – management – state relations” (1960) written by Clark Kerr. The Civil War in the USA (1861-1865) started on the basis of strong contradictions between the North and the South. Its main aim was fighting against slave-owning system. In the first half of the XIX century agricultural South and industrial North existed as two separate economic regions. The enterprises of machinery and consumer industry were situated in the northern part of the country. The immigrants came there from different countries in order to hire a job at the factories, plants or other places. As a result this part of the USA was characterized by high level of life. In the South the situation was absolutely different. As a benefit the USA got a great territory after the American-Mexican War. The territory had a good climate, consequently the lands were productive and fruitful. The South became the main agricultural region which lands were occupied by rich planters.

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Civil war
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