Classical Criminology Concepts.

I will pay for the following article Classical Criminology Concepts. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In determining the sentencing of the person or during a hearing in court, the liberty of the person who is broken during arrests is tried to be restored by determining whether the person was rational at the time of committing the crime.

By trying to prove or establish rationality, classicism is being applied. This, however, is usually biased as it tends to favor a certain class of people majorly the rich whose wealth tends to cushion them from criminality sanctions that do not happen for the poor. When classicism is encouraged to prove the rationality of an individual, spontaneity is failed to be provided and hence the free will of the individual ends up being curtailed. The two concepts cannot, therefore, be put together and business is avoided (Einstadter & Henry, 2006). The two concepts cannot, therefore, be put together and bias ness is avoided.

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Crime according to determinism is not caused by rationality but rather another mired of factors that can be observed and quantified. In determining criminal behavior, a series of scientific knowledge is sought and relied upon to not only identify the cause of the criminal behavior but seek ways to rectify them as well. While classicism criminology is purely based on free will and rationality hence more concerned with explaining crime, positivist criminology based on determinism is more grounded towards the prediction of crime (Whitehead & Lab, 2015).

The positivist determinists, in this case, seek to find the motivation behind people committing crimes or specific types of crimes. It is through the identification of the motivator that they can be able to predict a certain crime taking place even before it does as well as seeking the cause of the crime once it takes place.

Determinists seek to identify the different forces that act together or alone in an individual and which might warrant them or drive them towards engaging in other crimes as opposed to others.&nbsp.

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