Classical Greek Period and the Medieval Culture.

I will pay for the following article Classical Greek Period and the Medieval Culture. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. During the civilization of the classical Mediterranean, the arts gained attention. Dance and music performances were vital elements of religious festivals. However, accurate styles have not been conserved in history.

The artistic works of classical Greek depicted naturalism and realism. The paintings in this period created a novel dimension of human beauty. The balance, symmetry and proportions of the arts showed a new form of artistic thinking (Cunningham et al 24). Myron’s sculpture of the “Discus Thrower” represents a form of art that portrays an idealistic human being. The drama in the Greek period focused on tragedy and comedy. For instance, Sophocles- an Athens dramatist- depicted Oedipus’ psychological flaws to symbolize a tragedy. Aristophanes, an Athenian playwright, also utilized identical beliefs regarding the limitation of the human experience to generate a comic feeling. The Greek defined drama concepts, enriched their language, provided powerful themes, and maintained an appreciating society.

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Classical Greek Period and the Medieval Culture.
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The emphasis of the visual arts in the Mediterranean civilization concentrated on architecture, sculpture, and ceramic work (Cunningham et al 24). Greek architecture focused on monumental erections that were rectangular and square, with the porticoes columned. The Greeks invented three styles in constructing buildings, presently regarded by Westerners as classical architecture. The three styles are Corinthian, Ionic, and Doric. The Cretan and Egyptian models influenced the construction styles of the Greeks.

The Greeks, unlike most other countries, did not develop any major religion. Greek ideas later influence major religions like Christianity and Islam. The typical religion of the Greeks was a primitive idea developed from the animist beliefs in nature spirits. The beliefs transformed into a multifaceted set of supernatural beings (gods&nbsp.and goddesses) that interfered in human life. The Greeks believed in a creator, Zeus, who controlled other supernatural beings (Cunningham et al 24). The divinities regulated the behavior of natural processes like the oceans (Poseidon) and the sun (Apollo) and human feelings like beauty and love.

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