Classroom strategies can be implemented to help a child with adhd.

The child easily gets distracted very first even by the sounds of the artwork on the classroom board (Brown, 2009 p. 134).

Difficulty in remembering tasks and also organizing the schoolwork: When a teacher, for example, directs the students to turn to page 55 and work out exercise 1 to 3 and then art textbook page 44 and work out exercise 4 to 6 to the child with the disorder can be difficult. The child finds it very confusing, and the assignments can be done in different pages and exercises too (Mash & Wolfe, 2010 p. 77).&nbsp.

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Classroom strategies can be implemented to help a child with adhd.
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The child experiences difficulty in sitting and remaining seated in class: The child with ADHD usually does not understand why they should stay in one place without moving in class. They experience the problem of not being able to be attentive in class, even after being reminded to sit down so many times they forget, and they find themselves standing and moving around again. A teacher with such student who rarely knows anything about the disorder can be in a situation whereby she cannot be able to control the child (Rief, 2005 p. 98).&nbsp.

Impatience: The child is usually so much relentless, for example, this child cannot be able to line up like other children in the line. In the traditional schools, whereby the teachers can mistake, the child and get annoyed easily. These children usually insist on being the first always. Also in class, these children never wait for their turns to answer questions, but they just answer with outing waiting for their turn. The teacher can get very annoyed and punish or even develop a negative attitude towards the child. It can affect the child emotionally since the child does not see any problem with her or his behaviors. to them they are healthy (Deruvo, 2009 p. 45).&nbsp.

Hyperactivity and fidgeting: The child who has ADHD usually in most cases is not able to control the impulses in the class.

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