Cloning of Animals

This somatic cell is from the genetic donor.

This is a process where “the nucleus of a somatic cell is transferred to the cytoplasm of an enucleated egg” or an egg whose nucleus is removed in order to remove the female’s DNA. This female is the egg donor.

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 Cloning of Animals
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These bad results of cloning like the oversized heads and the twisted limbs are due to the epigenetics problem. This is the “control of gene expression (specifically transcription), that is not dependent on DNA base sequence.” This means that SCNT, or somatic cell nuclear transfer, produces the epigenetic error. Why? (READ THE CAUSES):

The same technology is used, of course. Those animals that are born alive from the SCNT process are processed as food. So far, cows, pigs and sheep are used as food. But cloned animals for food are not that practical. Why ? Because there are 3 basic problems with this:

Second, (READ), Well, this is something we cannot change. Muslims can never eat pork and Hindus will never eat beef, whether cloned or natural. And Fundamental Christians are always against cloning, and they are assumed not to like cloned food.

Third, (READ), and now you can imagine the cost of cloning to the government and this cost will be passed on to the taxpayers, and that’s US! I certainly don’t want to pay higher taxes just for people to eat beef from cloned cows or cloned fried chicken.

3. Third, (READ), this means that perhaps cloned food is delicious today and it seems healthy, but we don’t know what will happen later in life. This cloned food might damage the human body in the long run, and the chemicals in cloned food may cause various diseases.

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