College writing- bodybuilding and steroid.

 In this way, the athletes struggle, and perpetual desire to perform at the height of their abilities is how the spectator believes they integrate with the game or performance in question. Sadly, as has been exhibited over the past few decades, athletes are more than willing to go beyond the bounds of ethics and morality and dope themselves with performance enhancing drugs/steroids as a function to perform beyond the abilities that normal training and everyday dedication can yield. Such a decision has more than one set of drawbacks. As such, the first of these is the moral and ethical drawback that the athlete is ultimately not achieving whatever level of success they do based upon their own natural abilities but rather based upon the unnatural and unethical use of chemicals that do not exist within their body. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is the fact that the athletes are doing irrevocable harm to their bodies for but a few brief moments of hoped fame that this will engender. Accordingly, this brief essay will seek to discuss and draw a level of inference upon these two factors as a way of understanding what the effects of steroid use can ultimately portend for the athlete’s morality as well as general health.

Firstly, the issue of morality and ethics must be considered. This particular consideration is important due not only to the fact that the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs allows the athlete to perform beyond his/her natural abilities but due to the fact that the use of these substances represents a dishonest image of the sportsman to the end spectator and/or viewer (Stephan, 2007). This is not truly the singular fault of the athlete but also a fault of the way in which our current society seeks to place its athletes and celebrities on something of a pedestal of perfection.

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 College writing- bodybuilding and steroid.
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