Communication 270

Religious intolerance has been quoted as one of the major factors facilitating the growth of terrorism in the twentieth and twenty first century. Indridi Indridason, a professor of political science, University of Oxford explains that terrorism has a great impact on domestic politics as well as international politics. Using terror groups to accomplish some mischievous mandates has been a common practice in many countries since the French revolution. Understanding how the terror groups work and the strategies they use in inflicting fear and intimidating citizens is important in learning the trends that terrorism has adopted and how sophisticated and uncontrollable it is of late.

This research was done to understand the working of the terror groups and the methods they use to accomplish their political ambitions and interests. As stated earlier many terror groups constitutes of individuals who are against or resisting a given rule. To prove that the given government is failing to work for the people, they engage in activities such as killing civilians to show the failure in offering security to the society. In some cases an individual who did not participate in the planning or the execution of the terror activities uses the activities to benefit his quest to lead the people.

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For instance in 2001, there were twin attacks in New York and Washington DC which resulted in the loss of huge numbers of innocent citizens. In the elections that followed, Bloomberg used the issue to promise people security and address the issue of terrorism thereby earning himself the position of the mayor. George Bush in the elections that followed also embarked on the issue of terrorism as one of his key agendas in his manifesto. Since the people were totally scared and a repeat of such an attack was not anything anyone would like dreaming of, anyone offering a solution could earn cheap votes.

Terrorism has evolved greatly to be what it is today.

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