Communication Technology in Business

Communication Technology in Business. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. ion and Communication Technology acquirement should be managed by businesses in order to increase the service innovation practices and how these innovations improve the competitive ability of the certain organization, in particular, the Unique Trust Bank. While it is determined that the adoption of the Information and Communication Technology benefits any business, there is no clear understanding of the relationship between the adoption of Technology and new innovation within UT Bank. In order to help managers to realize the service technology adoption within a bank, a random sampling technique was utilized to manage fifty questionnaires rom the UT Bank. Such questionnaire was the special tool for collecting data to retrieve information from the policy creators and those who implement these policies. Using descriptive and analytical approach, all the information was carefully gleaned from the internet. Such data as age distribution, grade and educational level, period of stay in the organization, the internal software as well as challenges of the accounting software, the quality of IT personnel was collected to reveal the potential impact of the Information and Communication Technology on employees’ work performance and the entire business process. Moreover, the different influence on professionals on various ranks was also explored showing the positive direction of all the discoveries. In addition, the qualitative information illustrates the underlying changes in the organization and helps to understand how the productivity may be improved. The utilizing of Information and Communication Technology leads to lower costs in the bank, however, the effect on profitability is open ended causing the possibility of competition in financial services any way (Agbesi, 2013).

It is also known that Information and Communication Technology in the educational sphere is growing, involving considerable changes toward the system of education.

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 Communication Technology in Business
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