Compose a 1250 words assignment on the deep web.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the deep web. Needs to be plagiarism free! The dark web provides anonymity that the government and other organizations use to store their databases and records since they often use personalized protection passwords. This means that their business is safe from hackers as they use additional software like TOR (the onion router) which crawlers-people who surf the web surface-do not have access to (Yao, 2010). The deep web is not such a bad thing as normally portrayed and can be of great use to society. This paper is going to discuss the deep web, its creation, how society influences deep web and how deep influences the society. On how the deep web affects society, the paper is going to discuss the good side and bad side of the deep web.

Deep web was created by Mike Bergman. It uses a site that calls itself BrightPlanet (Dragut, Meng& Yu, 2012). This site has rapidly grown and matured over the years. BrightPlanet has over ten years of experience in harnessing deep web sources. BrightPlanet has a repository where it stores deep web sources. As per now, there are over eighty thousand deep web sources indexed in BrightPlanet repository.

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on the deep web.
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The deep web is a blessing in various ways. firstly, the deep web has a lot of space thus making it the perfect place where businesses can conduct their business online. According to Steve Pederson, the deep web is approximately 400-500 the size of the surface web (Pederson, 2013). Picture it like this, a fisherman out fishing casts the net and only catches what is on the surface imagine what and how much he can catch if his net would reach the deep end of the waters. This is how crawlers look for information and conduct business with normal search engines like Google and Yahoo. They collect partial knowledge (Witten, Gori&Numerico, 2007).

The deep web allows users freedom (Chhabra, 2013). This includes freedom of speech which allows users to say whatever theories, stories, conspiracies and any other thing in their mind to inform the public.

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