Conference n events.

Conference n events. ves on the impact of city centre redevelopment on the city of Portsmouth compared with a previous study on the impact of the Gunwharf development at Portsmouth Harbour as well as the impact of the Birmingham city centre redevelopment, focusing on the ICC, on the city of Birmingham. It ends with an optimistic recommendation supporting the pursuit of city centre redevelopment, as well as building of the Portsmouth Purpose-Built Conference Centre based on the limited research conducted.

The city of Portsmouth, located in the county of Hampshire has a population nearing 190,000. It is the only city in England with a greater population density than inner London. Portsmouth is famous for its naval heritage and harbour. It has been a significant naval port for centuries and is home to the world’s oldest dry dock which is still in use today. It is one of the largest freight and ferry ports in the United Kingdom. A significant portion of the citys workforce works at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, which during WWI was the largest industrial site in the world. According to the Portsmouth City Council, there are 97,200 jobs in the city, of which 35,000 are part time. As of April 2006, unemployment rate is at 2.5%, and average household income is £25,700. Portsmouth has been awarded ‘Tourist City of the Year’ with over £302 million income from 8.4 million visitors per year. The city of Portsmouth is a prime location for industry, commerce, leisure and pleasure, according to the Council, evidence by over 6,000 businesses including leading edge companies such as EADS Astrium, IBM UK, Pall Europe and McLaren Composites which have established bases in Portsmouth. (Portsmouth 2008) “The housing boom has also spurned economic growth with prices rising at a speed second only to London.” (Portsmouth Wiki 2008).

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Conference n events.
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