Conferencing Software or Social Media.

Conferencing Software or Social Media. Web Conferencing Software or Social Media Web Conferencing Software Web conferencing software enables live conversations on an online platform. Constituent members of the web conferencing are located at different geographical locations. Each member affixes to an internet-enabled computer. The system is best for holding discussions given that it enables many people to meet and share their ideas on an issue in a lively manner. The web conferencing software is downloadable and accessible by many people. The co-coordinators of the web conferences communicate with each team member through email. The members are informed of the meeting date and the agendas of the web conference. The web conferencing enables training and webinars are also held during the web conferences.

Audio accessories enhance the conferencing experience. The VoIP is used in the process of communication between the members attending the web conference. Two main technologies enable web conferencing. The technologies employed in the process include VoIP and HD. VoIP technology helps in the conversion of human voices from analog to digital mode. The converted voice data are transmitted over the internet. The web conferences also rely on the phone lines, which enhance communication among the participants in a web conference. The router used in the process of transmission of voice data helps in the relaying of the data to the internet service provider modem (Spielman and Winfeld, 2008). The voice data are also converted at the point of internet service provider. After the data is received by all the web conference members, the information is assembled by the computer and converted into usable form. The audio data flow smoothly through a cheaper way.

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Social media refers to the medium through which people chat on an online platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. These forms of social media help in the exchange of ideas. The forum helps in the meeting of many people on internet forums. Social media is more reliable than the web conferencing because it enhances many applications including online marketing. Social media is commonly used for business purposes. Different people advertise different commodities on the social media under different web links. According to Spielman and &nbsp.Winfeld (2008), social media serves as a meeting point for potential buyers and sellers. The chatting engagement with social media is live and reliable because an individual is able to extract sufficient from his partner on the social media platform. Different forms of software are applied in social media. These include the IM software and the chat room software. The social media platform enhances the social interaction between many people. The people are engaged in various aspects including psychological, spiritual, and physiological aspects of people.

The interaction of people enhances peace and order in society. The platform enhances civilization in society. Social media also promote communication among the people who engage in it. The medium of communication compels the users to use language, which is understood by the people on the social media network (Spielman and Winfeld, 2008). The people on the social media hail from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. For that reason, there is a need for people to train and have proper communication skills. The platform can also be used by students to exchange ideas and other inspirational materials. Consequently, students acquire massive knowledge from engaging with their colleagues on social media network. In this regard, social media is better than the virtual web conferencing systems.


Spielman, S. and &nbsp.Winfeld, L. (2008). The web conferencing book : understand the technology,

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