Corporate Strategy of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. 

 Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. Despite the establishment of its main office the corporation still recognizes its roots in Hong Kong. In recognition of its historic beginnings, the corporation invested in the modern building of the HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong servicing the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with over 200 branches. The HSBC Bank in Hong Kong proved itself a stable bank when it still reported profit despite the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis that caused great loss and even bankruptcy to a significant number of businesses.

In the aftermath of the Asian Economic Crisis, the HSBC Bank HK reported a profit for the financial year 2000-2004. Although profit did not increase dramatically, the significant point is that the bank obtained profit while others may not have fared as well. However, in 2004 it reported a great increase in profit on ordinary activities from HK$34,797m in 2003 to HK$44,966m in 2004.

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Corporate Strategy of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. 
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In terms of the profit attributed to shareholders, the figure below shows that the bank also reported a stable profit for the years 2000-2004. The financial year 2004 also reflects the greatest increase in profit increment compared to the previous years. Profit attributable to shareholders increased from HK$25,797m in 2003 to HK$33,565m in 2004. There are factors that may have caused constant profit and a sudden increase in profit in 2004. This paper will look into the performance measurement and management of productivity of the HSBC Bank HK as factors affecting the productivity of the bank.

Benchmarking is the process of evaluating business processes to identify the best practice for the achievement of the company’s goals. The process involves the continuous activity of evaluation, planning and challenging previous business practice.

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