Counselling: Learning and Active Listening

Counselling is to help the client to open up about there feeling inside and thoughts when the client has no one to talk to and is in need to talk to someone. Core counselling skills are…

Active listening
Paraphrasing is focusing on the main facts.
Reflecting and paraphrasing are similar it’s reporting back to the client what’s been said it is a way of indicating that we are listening, Reflecting refers to the skill of communication. Summerising, summerising is the process of trying to put everything what’s been said during the session. Focusing, focusing is important because it shows the client that you’re showing an interest on what’s been said. Active listening, active listening is important because you’re listening to the client and the client knows your showing an interest. As a councillor it’s important to listen and give full attention to the client. Empathy, empathy
S: square, sit facing opposite the client
O: open in your posture (not closing yourself such as folding arms and legs) L: leaning forward
E: eye contact
R: relaxed (don’t fidget)
Its important to have SOLER as a skill because it makes the client feel comfortable and the client knows that there being herd also there’s know the councillor is showing an interest and there feel more comfortable while using this skill.
Counselling skills and attitudes
Being a good listener, so the client knows there being herd
Having patience with your self by not getting irritated.
Good body language to the show the client you are active listening and paying attention on what’s been said. Good communication by not interrupting and by reflecting the client’s point of view without being judgemental. Showing empathy is to show the client that someone understands her giving the client closure. Being genuine to show the client that you’re being real and not putting ac act on.
What counselling skills are not
Advising the client
Being judgemental
Caring in a particular way
Treating or healing someone like a doctor
Instructing or teaching
Giving guidance

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