Country risk analysis project.

These statistics are favorable for foreign direct investment as the international community recognizes South Korea’s economic success. South Korea went from being one of the least developed states globally to the currently third biggest in Asia and 15th biggest globally (Foran 109). A high level of collaboration and coordination between South Korea and other states and private corporations should dictate the economy and provide a safe haven for businesses.

South Korea’s global economic conditions favor globalization and global expansion more than its global political climate. Foreign direct investors should be able to take advantage of this facilitation by exploiting this characteristic of the country’s global economic condition. I think we should be one of those investors as the country’s political setting gained favor from the international community since the most recent elections. President Geun-Hye is keen on concentrating her economic policy on building an innovative economy facilitates worldwide technological innovation as the steppingstones for foreign direct investment.

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Country risk analysis project.
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We should also certainly undertake investment in South Korea due to President Lee Myung-bak’s increasing activity in global political and economic establishments such as the UN, WTO, and OECD foreign development support and demonstrated aid. South Korean corporations are sure to globalize their operations and presence since the government is echoing globalization and global growth (Foran 82). Investing in South Korea is sure to continue to globalization efforts as economic conditions demand this sort of development.

Even though investing in South Korea is commendable.

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