Crafting a safety program for an organization Paper

This paper illustrates that keeping with the growing phenomenon of employee safety management, the primary aim of the report is to formulate a competent safety program that can successfully enable the organizations in the modern construction industry to avert various workplace hazards. The discussion of the study includes a clear assessment of the problem statements that have developed in line with the case example of safety measures observed in the operational processes of Millers Park projects and Paul Brown stadium construction activities. The problem statement of this report seeks for identifying the health hazards such as injuries and illness of the employees while functioning in workstations. The problem statement of the study substantially provides a clear understanding of the hurdles faced by the employees due to a different workstation related injury-causing illness. The identifying potential workplace hazards are of significance for employees’ well-being as well as to avoid costs that might be resulted in the absenteeism of the employee with illness. Moreover, the problem statement also reveals about the challenges that might face the organization to undergo the major rise in its costs associated with hiring new employees along with their required training and developmental needs into the processes. In this regard, the key aim of the report is to develop and implement an effective safety program, which can cut down costs of the organization by providing different healthcare benefits. With reference to the problems observed in the report, the case of Millers Park project and the Paul Brown stadium include similar issues associated with the significance of effective safety management programs in the construction-related activities.

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Crafting a safety program for an organization Paper
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