Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses a story of little red riding hood

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses a story of little red riding hood. One fine sunny day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother made and baked some sweet-tasting, high-loving cakes and then asked with love-filled words to her daughter Little Red Riding Hood “Little Red darling go with your precious tiny steps to your loving grandmother’s house and as you go kindly take the cakes baked and butter packed afresh for her good old self”.

The jungle scene was uniquely constructed on the stage with the aid of pots of green plants in every place. The green plants were so decorated so as to emphasize the essential picture of being a dense green forest with a narrow margin for a walk. When Little Red Riding Hood was on her way through the deep big forest, she had an acquaintance with old Father Wolf. The Wolf was wearing dark clothes and was huge in structure and dangerous in appearance. The Wolf held deep within a desire to have a delicious feast by eating Little Red Riding Hood but dared not do so. The reason encountered for this behavior was his feeling of fear that arises from the near presence of woodcutters. The Wolf asked Little Red Riding Hood the place to which she was going. The poor child had no knowledge of the danger that could be inflicted by holding a talk with the dangerous Wolf. She innocently answered the Wolf that “I am going to meet my grandmother and am taking with love and surprise a cake and a pot of butter which my mother has sent to her”. The Wolf cunningly asked Little Red Riding Hood, “Does your good grandmother lives far away”. Innocent Little Red replied, “Yes, it is younger by the mill which you are seeing right below there, and it stands as the first house in the village”.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses a story of little red riding hood
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