Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses perspectives on learning

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses perspectives on learning. Considering the argument brought out in the book by Zimmerman (2000, pp. 56), in predicting motivational outcomes, which are common, including emotional reactions, persistence, and efforts. This argument basis on social aspects, which are similar, to the study work of Wenger (2000, pp.226) who argues that organizations depend on learning systems which are social, Wenger (2000, pp. 228) states that there are two aspects of a conceptual framework to understand learning systems, which are social. The two aspects are personal experience, social competence and the various modes of belonging which include imagination, alignment, and engagement. The factors are vital when trying to eliminate the problem of human resources.

Wenger (2000, pp.232) explains that there are significant impacts of these perspectives on human resource development which plays a significant role in the economies of the market especially in economies turning towards market conditions. The perspectives have an effect on liberalization which in turn positively impacts human resource development. The perspectives focus on increasing international competitiveness and consequently creating more job opportunities.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses perspectives on learning
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Social communities have social and historical definitions as seen in the argument by Engeström (2001, pp.88) who further states that activity systems within the social community take shape and undergo transformation with time and thus implying that they have historicity. This perspective on learning is supreme when dealing with the problems that the management goes through. Problems relating to the social community can only be understood by their own history. In the argument by Engeström (2001, pp.92) there is clarity that activity systems can undergo a transformation that is expansive with time. This perspective focusing on community participation is supreme since it categorically outlines that the community forms the backbone of any learner since different communities demonstrate different social behaviors.

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