Creating a professional E- portfolio Insert

Creating a professional E- portfolio Insert Insert INTRODUCTION An E-portfolio, like any other portfolio, is used to show acompilation of personal successes, growth and expressions that any impending company would use to know its prospecting employee (Gerald, 2009).


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Creating a professional E- portfolio Insert
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The following steps can be used to make An E-portfolio using WordPress:

Firstly, create an account in WordPress site by entering and making a blog. Secondly, set up a template by logging in to the site you created and use the admin controls to be directed to settings and key in your page information (Gerald, 2009). In this section, an individual can enter his portfolio name and delete the preset tag lines of the blog and some cookies and may be write your own citation (Gerald, 2009).

Thirdly, one can use the general settings so as to select a “Theme”. This process involves deciding on the site layout and design, which is found on the tab labeled “Appearance” (Gerald, 2009).There are several details that were discussed in the lab that could be done on the template. For instance, One is able to preview the theme that he or she has selected, thereafter, select “Activate” so as to effect the changes (Gerald, 2009). It should be noted that one can customize a theme by designing and installing it on the blog (Gerald, 2009). In order to begin to enter new information to your blog, one would go to the “Pages” tab in the administrator dashboard and click “Add New” (Gerald, 2009). One should remember to always save regularly the new information being entered (Gerald, 2009). The page can also contain a document which can be hyperlinked. After this is done, one can present each page by clicking “Publish” (Gerald, 2009).

Finally, one can post work by first clicking “Add New” tab that is in the “Posts” tab.

Using this process, one can write the portfolio’s introduction and other pages in the site and thereafter simply click “Publish” so that the public could view the portfolio (Gerald, 2009). There are other things that one can do to improve the appearance of the portfolio, for instance, one can set and remove widgets. One can also take the comment box of the site page and make it look more professional and appealing. There are various examples of E-portfolio that were shown.


Gerald, S. (2009, May 11). How to Make an E-Portfolio Using WordPress. Retrieved November17, 2012, from Teacherly Tech: technology news, tips, and translations for teachers :http://teacherlytech.

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