The authors of that period emphasized on facts and details in their work. Faulkner, in A Rose of Emily, portrays different extremities witnessed by the main character Emily, a woman. These extremist circumstances which include social interaction and economic status alienate personalities from the world around them.

In relation to class and prosperity of an individual, it depicts Emily as fallen from affluence and Tobe as one who is as a socioeconomically depressed person. This is seen from the scene that emphasizes on Emily’s status in being involved in teaching china painting which is considered to be done by the middle class and upper class people. With time we see Emily’s financial status deteriorate making her lose her respect with the high and mighty in her class. This led to an illusion by people of her class in the society because of the belief that everyone can make a success of themselves but their social status still remain no matter what happens.

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This is also seen from the fact that Emily still stayed at her parents’ home to maintain her class and feel as part of the class she was born in even though all was not well even though she was not getting any younger. When we analyze her relationship with Homer she accepted to go out dine and wine with him but refused to commit herself to him because of his low class status. She only became friends with Homer to make herself seem well behaved and not discriminating.

Work Cited.

Faulkner, William. A rose for Emily. Merrill. 1970. Print.

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