Critique paper | Biology homework help

Article to critique:

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Critique paper | Biology homework help
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Your critique should be 1,000 to 1,300 words, NOT including references, titles, etc. Your paper should be well-written, organized, and demonstrate a logical flow of information. It should also be spell-checked and grammatically correct.

You should present your critique in the following format:

  • summary of the article. Be sure to include:
    • Background information that led to the study. In the background you should include basic information about the topic. For example, if your article describes a study about tuberculosis, you should include a description of the disease as well as a description of the microbe that causes the disease. What are the characteristics of the organism that causes tuberculosis? Disease course? Etc. … 
      • This is essentially a mini report. It should provide enough background information to give us an idea of why this research is important.  
      • You should be sure that you are using reliable sources for information. You should integrate your two sources into your paper (remember in-text citations!).
  • discussion of the science. Be sure to include:
    • What is the goal of the study?
    • Summary of the experiments done (include things such as sample size, length of experiments, dosages, etc.).
      • This should be thorough, so that the reader knows exactly what was done without having to read the article. 
    • Include a brief summary of the findings of the study and why they are important.
    • Conclusions drawn from the study.
    • Are any future experiments planned?
  • Your opinion:
    • Faults, some things to consider:
      • Were there good controls? Why or why not?
      • Sample size too small or biased?
      • Conclusions not supported by experimental evidence?
      • Will this study apply to the general population?
    • If you find no faults, justify your reasons.
    • Include your own thoughts and opinions on the topic. Relate the points/conclusions of the article to another issue in YOUR everyday life and/or to work you have completed in class. Be sure to make your contributions clear, such as “I believe …, I think …, etc.”

Paper must be in APA format.


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