Culture diversity

Compose a 1250 words assignment on culture diversity: how marriage in the us differ from japan. Needs to be plagiarism free! In Japan, religion plays a major role and so most of the Japanese marriages take place in Shinto shrines. Majority of the Japanese follow Shinto or Buddhism or both and so, the most common religious place for marriage is the Shinto Shrines and so these shrines provide wedding sites for marriage. “Historically, Japanese wedding ceremonies were performed in Shinto Shrines. Many of Japan’s wedding sites, therefore, provide shrines for couples who want to follow Japanese wedding traditions.” (

However, in the past few decades, the religious aspect of Japanese weddings has undergone major changes. This is because sizable contemporary weddings exhibit a mixture of both Shinto as well as the Christian elements, although most of the Japanese people indulging in this ‘fusion’ are not Christians. However, those marriages happen only minimally, with the majority of the Japanese getting married through the traditional ceremony in the Shinto shrines.

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Culture diversity
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However, when this aspect of religion and the place of marriage are looked from the American perspective, there is not much uniformity. Thus, the role of religions and thereby wedding location differs in the Japanese and the American marriage, with the Japanese marriage following (or restricted to) just Shinto or Buddhist and the Christian traditions, while the American weddings following Christian traditions takes place at many places, although a majority of them take place in the Churches.

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