Curriculum proposal. 

Focus would be on providing the students with listening and speaking skills that would make the students confident when engaging in business activities like ordering, telephoning, networking and problem solving. In accordance with the definition of curriculum by Richards (2001), this proposed research will involve analysis of the needs, evaluation of the aims and objectives and provision of resources that would be the basis of learning and teaching.

Appreciating that the environment influences the curriculum to be adopted and the mode of teaching to be used as cited by Richards (2001), this course being specific on the environment of execution would require an adoption of specific approach in teaching English as a foreign language, EFL. It would be different as the approach that would have been adopted for an environment of employers, parents or politicians among other learning environments. According to Wang (2011), this context would yield best outcomes with the adoption of case-based teaching. In this approach, students would be given a virtual business situation that incorporates the relevant issues from which the students will analyze, communicate and come up with appropriate solutions. According to the researcher, this approach should be adopted in classroom activity and course design as it has been noted to increase the communication competence of students and avoid errors in language communication.

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Various theories explain how students learn. In this case, the behavioral learning theory which according to Lavadenz (2011) postulates that learning would be as a result of a response to environmental stimuli approaches teaching through repetition, practice and reward. The Saudi students would be rewarded with better business English communication skills.

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