Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley and James P.

The final source of encouragement for Lynn’s parents was the Volta review magazine, which pointed out those deaf children, can come out of their state and become professions just like any other person.

Teaching Lynn on oral speaking did not come without any frustrations. Some of the frustrations they faced included the fact that Lynn could not respond positively to what she was being taught. Despite all the energy, the family geared towards trying to help her, she was indifferent to the lessons. Other frustrations were the discouragement from other parents and failure of the hearing aid which was supposed to restore her hearing ability. The frustrations occurred due to several reasons. Lynn’s parents were not ready to accept the fact that she was deaf. If they had accepted, then they would not have been frustrated trying to prove to the world that Lynn was okay. Another cause of the frustration is the high hopes that the Doctor at John Tracy gave them. He said that Lynn only had some residual hearing, and with the aid of some hearing aids she would hear. The Volta magazine also raised their expectations. Lynn became bored with their teaching, instead of appreciating and learning from it.

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Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley and James P.
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After attempting the oralism method in vain, Tom and Louisa almost gave up on their daughter. They moved to Sacramento. Lynn was taken to a deaf school called Starr King. Here they met other parents in a school meeting. The concerned parents raised debates on the use of oralism versus the manual methods of communication. During this meeting, Tom and Alison met two hosts who were also deaf. This was Jim and Alice. The two introduced them to the sign language, which they had been using effectively for a long time. Tom and Louis got interested and started teaching their daughter on the use of the manual method. After some time, this proved effective. Jim and Alice were the greatest influence of Lynn’s parents concerning manual communication.

My impression on Tom and Loui’s journey is that patience is a crucial aspect of life. The two parents were very patient in their attempt to help their daughter. They never gave up despite the frustrations they faced. They finally met people who assisted them in finding a solution to their problem. Their long journey shows that disability is never an inability. Lynn was able to catch up with life and made some positive contributions to the community. This was with the help of her parents. It is estimated that 1 out of 10000 people are found to be deaf. In America, 0.23% are completely deafened. Though this book was written in the past, it can still fit in the current world situation. It encourages parents to appreciate children with disabilities. The book clearly points out that, a determination is a key to success. People should always be ready to help one another.

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