Defining the Empty Nest Syndrome.

I will pay for the following article Defining the Empty Nest Syndrome. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. A child’s departure from home is a natural development in their progression toward becoming an adult. This event is what parents work toward from the day their child is born. However, the amount of time and energy used to prepare a child for adulthood consumes a parent for years. When the child leaves home, the event is rapid. The parent goes from daily hands-on guidance to a limited influencing role. This can leave a parent with feelings of losing their child. It is natural to feel sadness. The Empty Nest Syndrome only becomes a problem when parents do not deal with these emotions in a healthy manner.

Women tend to experience the Empty Nest Syndrome more severely than men. This is the case for various reasons. The first reason is menopause (Cushman, 2005). Menopause causes major changes in a woman’s biology. It leaves her mentally and physically vulnerable. Secondly, women are generally the major caretakers of children. This creates a stronger bond between mother and child, which in turn causes more emotional turmoil at a separation. Homemakers feel the Empty Nest Syndrome stronger than working mothers. This is due to a homemaker’s identity being wrapped in the role of wife and mother, whereas a working mom can continue her professional life and still feel useful. Finally, women are the majority of caregivers for elderly parents. This stress can make the Empty Nest Syndrome more acute. Women begin thinking about aging during this time, making the perceived loss of their children more emotional.

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Men can also experience the Empty Nest Syndrome, but in different ways than women. Financial issues, such as college, rent, or helping adult children living paycheck to paycheck can put a strain on the father’s finances. This can be compounded by careers or jobs leveling off, with paychecks reaching a plateau (Yara, 2006). Another issue for men reported by Yara (2006) is the amount of alone time spent with their wives.

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