Definition of a hero and the list of achievements.

There are conditions that mold heroes and gain fame among the people (Walton 68). The conditions may sometimes be seen unsolvable but it depends on how the individuals involved solve and reside over them and the decisions they make under the circumstances are what make them important figures in the sight of the people.

Being a hero differs from being a celebrity in such a way that a hero is strictly someone without negative traits and is always on the supportive side of life concerning the conditions of the people. A celebrity is just a famous individual who gains his fame from different activities of which some may be illegal like terror acts, illegal businesses and other immoral activities (Bolden 46). Heroes do face strong challenges before they happen to be the reference figures for society (Levi 68). The challenges drive them to their extraordinary and admirable conclusions. Many heroes around the globe have a great influence on the lives of the people and many admire their strengths. The people who become heroes in society exhibit some valuable characteristics in common. These characteristics are. determination, perseverance, ambition, and courage.

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Definition of a hero and the list of achievements.
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According to my definition and description of a hero, there is one person who has greatly changed the perception of people about the political leadership world especially the black race (Africans). He is the incumbent president of the United States of America. Obama is an African-America with a Kenyan origin. His father was a Kenyan and spent a big part of his life in the United States of America where he married an American woman. Obama was born in America where he grew up to become a full-fledged man. Obama challenged many Africans by vying for the senate seat in the US parliament but this was not a great challenge to the Africans since it seemed normal to many of them.

He then gave the African society a great challenge and inspiration when he vied for the presidential seat in the US. This seemed impossible to many since they knew that he had African roots and being accepted by the white people would be a big dream. This was because he was in the race with a white American, and did not have a reputable background. America is a large nation and a superpower that required able leadership made it impossible for many people from the African race to believe in his step in life.

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