Determinism vs libertarianism

One form of determinism is called casual determinism which advances the theory that free will is based on physical laws and the events of the past and present. Logical determinism emphasizes that human plans and schemes are either true or false. Free will presents a problem is this case as whether a human beings have freedom over their choices. This is because any human plan or scheme would either be true or false in the present and would be problematic for their future plans.

Theological determinism believes that God determines the actions of human beings. A human being cannot have freedom over his actions if it is already determined by God. Finally there is biological determinism which gives the idea that our actions and behavior are fixed by our genetic predisposition. Libertarianism is a branch of metaphysics which proclaims the existence of free will. Further according to this belief, a human being can take a multiple number of actions which would determine his future. It is divided into supernatural and scientific theories (Clarke, 93). The Big Bang theory which shows that the universe is expanding continuously provides credibility to the philosophy of Determinism. The argument is that the phenomenon of big bang would unleash every action using the system of cause and effect.

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Determinism vs libertarianism
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Determinism defines events as being a chain of cause and effect. This could mean that human beings have no free choice because each event is caused by an agent and its effect would also be determined by that cause. Libertarianism argues that we have free choices which somehow disprove determinism. If determinism is true than no person can he held accountable for their actions. However if the libertarian position is correct than this would undermine the foundation of science. Determinists would argue that cause and effect also is the influence of the environment with a person.

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