Dieter Rams Principle and McLuhans Concept

I will pay for the following article Dieter Rams Principle and McLuhans Concept. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Accordingly, Ram used his imagination to ask himself questions of whether his design was good, and his answers led to the formation of the ten principles of good design that are celebrated today. He outlined his principles of a good design as innovation, usefulness, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, thorough, as little design as possible, environmentally friendly and long-lasting. This straightforward list of ten principles lay down important points in the design. What the points do is explaining clearly what constitutes a good design. This information is used as a source of inspiration, and virtually every designer appreciates it.

On the other hand, Marshall McLuhan was one of the prominent and influential Canadian theoreticians in media. He extensively worked on electronic media, and his work had a great effect on several people who were his followers. This has changed the way people are viewing and perceiving the new media. His writing “understanding the media” became the “bible” in media studies. His work transformed the general outlook of the media and media perception2.

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Dieter Rams Principle and McLuhans Concept
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Several people in the art and design field have argued it out for a long period, during this time. art has always been seen to be attractive to the people who are observing that is the observers. These people tend to typo hold their belief that art does not necessarily need to have and bear any meaning as long as the artists portray his skillful art through skills and creativity in the use of color. To these people, art is just all about creativity and imagination. Whatever the artist is thinking of or imagining does not necessarily mean it must have a storyline behind it. It can be something out of the blue that the artist has just imagined of it. Therefore, the artwork is a field where individuals show their skills3.

On the other hand, another category of people in the artwork believes that for artwork to be good, it has to portray a certain meaning to the observers. The artwork must be making sense and have a storyline from which the picture was drawn4. To these people, the work of art is profound and extraordinary.

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