Discuss the characteristics of group decision making

Discuss the characteristics of group decision making. Identify the benefits and issues in a hospitality or tourism context using relevant examples. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. GROUP DECISION MAKING al Affiliation) According to Kusluvan (2003, p.12), “decision making is one of the primary responsibilities of managers in tourism and hospitality organizations and it occurs in 3 levels: individual, group and organizational level. Decision making is done on a daily level basis and ranges from small to large scale. An area examinable day in day out remains the issue of what decisions should be made by individuals or taken on by groups. also the type of group decisions are they programmed ones or non-programmed, as well as when best to use group decision making in the hospitality industry.

There are certain situations that group decision making is more preferable to individual decision making as it may be more efficient. In the hospitality industry however, its particularly stated that when creativity and efficiency is most essential, and there is relatively limited time group decision is the least preferred (Kusluvan 2003, p.18). Nevertheless, group decision making is beneficial as it has the advantage of individuals having diverse skills, experience and knowledge. Organizations in the hospitality industry are encouraged to incorporate more group decision making as its participative. Participative decision making in the sense that employees at different levels are asked to participate in the decision making process more so in decisions that affect them. Groups that are incorporated include task forces, project teams and committees as an attempt to achieve better decisions and more commitment to include employees.

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Discuss the characteristics of group decision making
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Decision making at group level will enhance the effectiveness of decision making and enhances problem solving. The combined effort of individuals is believed to improve the quality of decisions made. Some of the characteristics that are exhibited by successful groups include the following: the group is quite small, it exudes open communication among its members and they all have a common mind set, the group members easily identify with each other and they are all agreeable on acceptable group behavior (Walker, 2009, p.43).

Group decision making does work best however when all the group members are accustomed to working together and there’s some overall commitment. Setbacks associated with group decision making however are it can be seen as a time consuming activity and more so when the members have a differing expertise point of view. There is also the fear that mediocre decisions are more likely to be made as group leaders at times tend to be more manipulative and dominating and likely to take credit when the group is commended for making good decisions (Walker 2009, p.50).

When it comes to group decision making however, there are several setbacks associated with it. interpersonal influence is one such setback. Some individuals in the group may have outgoing personalities that override those who are less outgoing. Another limitation of using group decision making is groupthink. a phenomena that is characterized by immature decision making as a result of hasty decision making so as to avoid conflicts (Pizam 2010, p.15), or as a result of anxiety leading to the less likely chance of exploring new options. Group decision making sometimes does lead to suboptimum decision making and the desire to avoid non-traditional ideas.


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