Do Dress Codes For Girls Protect Or Sexualize Them.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Do Dress Codes For Girls Protect Or Sexualize Them. The various strategies and measures to introduce dress codes that seek to provide containment are often explicitly or implicitly targeting only girls, despite the presence of baggy clothes for young boys that do not fit social norms (Rosenberg, 2014).

&nbsp.This controversy has been in the public limelight since 2000 to date and has amassed an enormous debate on the matter. The increased debate has led to the emergence of specific vocabulary given to girls that wear revealing clothes such as “Les nombrils” or “navel rings.”The terms just get worse and crude as many people, encompassing adolescent boys and other girls refer to them as “sluts.” The writer apologizes for the term. That is, the popular imagery developed due to the social discourse of girls’ dress and hyper-sexualization has become part of our collective representations (Willett, 2008).

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Do Dress Codes For Girls Protect Or Sexualize Them.
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&nbsp.Stigmatization has increased immensely has the debate on girls’ clothes and sexuality seem not to be diminishing. The debate holds two sides with the one hand holding the notion that dress codes are critical in ensuring the moral being of the society whereas opponents arguing that these dress codes seem to sexualize the girl child. Thus, this paper presents perspectives from both sides of the debate and their reasons. Notably, the document does not in any way represent the personal opinions of the writer or try to recommend a better solution for the problem. The paper analyzes the major points on the problem at hand to elucidate on the issue of girls’ dress code and sexuality (Willett, 2008).

&nbsp.An in-depth look at how this debate is framed from year to year in the media reveals two major aspects: girls are either positioned as manipulated victims or social disturbance. Many people have come out to express how they feel that these girls dress in a suggestive, inappropriate and offensive way in high school and some situations in primary schools.

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