Eating my favorite fruit

 Eating my Favourite Fruit Mango Mango is my favourite fruit. It is alsocalled the king of fruits that grows in many Southeast Asian countries. It was my grandmother who lives in Nicaragua, who introduced me to this amazing fruit. I really regret the fact that mango actually happens to be a seasonal fruit. Thereby, I get to see my favourite ripe, yellow and juicy mangoes only in the summers. I really wish that I could somehow get to taste the fresh, juicy and luscious mangoes throughout the year.

Mango has a peculiar shape with its one end being round and bulbous while the other end being somewhat pointed. Mango comes in a mixture of varied colours ranging from yellowish orange, to those that are yellowish green with a tinge of red at the top. It is really amazing to know that there are more than four hundred varieties of mangoes in the world. The surprising thing is that each and every variety of mangoes tends to have a shape, colour, size and flavour of its own that makes this fruit really unique. Seeing the varied varieties of mangoes displayed in the market place is really a feast for the eyes.

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Eating my favorite fruit
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While buying a mango one must look to it that the fruit has a fine leathery surface that is intact and unbroken. One must never buy the mangoes that have a broken or tampered skin. One must also touch and feel the fruit to assure that it is neither too hard, nor too soft and pulpy. If a mango is too hard it means that it is yet not ready to be eaten. On the contrary, too soft a mango means that it is not fresh. A sweet fruity smell coming from a mango is suggestive of the fact that the fruit is ripe and fresh, and fit to be consumed.

It also takes tact to prepare a mango for eating. One must slice the fruit from its round end, exposing the soft yellowish flesh that is full of juice. Once this is done one can scoop out the yellowish flesh with a spoon from a slice and eat the sweet, aromatic and juicy pulp. And take care not to make loud, slurping noises while eating the fruit. The interesting thing about mangoes is that one can also prepare a variety of cuisines from them. Like any other fruit, mangoes could be added to cakes, tarts, puddings, custards and ice creams to lend a rich and savoury flavour to them. One could also prepare delicious and nourishing mango shake, by blending mangoes with milk and sugar.

In my opinion mangoes must be eaten when they are fresh, as the fruit is bound to lose its taste and aroma if kept for a few days. I make it a point to buy only the fresh mangoes, having just the right texture, firmness and aroma. I am simply hooked to mangoes and I know that I will never get tired of this awesome fruit. I simply love mangoes.

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